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Art at the top

A completely unique place on earth.

Kvarntorpshögen carries a powerful history and is one of our most potent industrial memorials. The Hög mound is the remains of what was left after the local shale-oil extraction during the years 1940-1966, when it was a far cry from the beautiful and peaceful place it is today. In fact it was called by those who lived close by “hell on earth”, for the constant noise of the machines and the smell known as “Kvarntorpslukten”. Nearly 36 000 tons of sulphur belched from the chimneys causing the coniferous trees in the area to die and leaving the deciduous trees bare of leaves. Inside the mound it is still very hot and you can see sulphur-smelling water vapour rising from the ground in some places.

Kvarntorpshögen today is not what it was. It is now a beautiful and peaceful place with wonderful views over the Närke plain. And surprisingly enough – a fantastic sculpture park! With around 30 sculptures and works of both national and internationally famed artists, it is a place we dare to suggest is completely unique in Sweden, perhaps even the world. The combination of this odd place and its history, the beautiful art and the amazing views attracts over 30 000 visitors annually to this spot.

Art is represented in many places in our municipality. Even in central Kumla there are many public pieces of art to take in and numerous exhibition halls to visit. Örsta Art Gallery is a world renowned gallery designed by the acclaimed architect Mikael Pauli. In spring and autumn gallerist and art connoisseur Anders Fasth invites famous artists to exhibit in his gallery. There is another art hall in Kumla’s library where local artists share the space with nationally recognised artists in a wonderful mix of varied artistic expressions.


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